Get involved

We like to get involved with the community, so every year CCTV Kildare/CCTV Ireland is involved with the St. Patricks Day Parade and festival in Clane. Visit their website:

Clane Project Centre

The Clane Project centre does wonderful work in developing local jobs and pride in the community:

Coilog Equestrian Centre

Coilog Equestrian Centre is fast becoming the largest equestrian centre in the country, with many prestigious events occurring on a regular basis. See the cream of the equine world perform in Kildare. Coilog Equestrian Centre brings valuable revenue into the local community.

Logiclane Computers in Kildare

Logiclane Computers has operated from Kildare since 1998, originally based in Clane, but now operating from it's offices in Allenwood. Logiclane computers sell, maintain and repair computers, servers and networking equipment for companies in the Kildare, Dublin and Leinster region

Ford Motor factors in Kildare

Most people wrongly presume that spurious and generic car parts are cheaper than the original Ford Parts. That's not true at Lillis O'Donnell, where Ford original parts are better and cheaper than the spurious equivalent.

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