CCTV Kildare provides a complete CCTV solution for companies
Need a new CCTV system? Or maybe you just need to upgrade your exisitng security system. We provide everything you need to satisfy your CCTV needs. We have sold CCTV systems to many people and companies in Kildare including: post offices, pubs, shops, schools, petrol stations, nursing homes, car dealerships, etc.
We can repair or upgrade your CCTV Recorder
We can fix many PC-based DVR's, (CCTV Recorders). Note that stand-alone recorders cannot normally be repaired.
  We repair CCTV Recorders
  We can add extra harddrive storage
  We can repair some CCTV Databases
  We will replace your existing faulty CCTV camerasi
 We sell high quality CCTV Power supplies
Call us now on 045 885 694
Please ring us if you are new to CCTV or just need some advice. Our CCTV experts will explain the ins and outs of buying our CCTV Kits, cameras and recorders in Kildare
All of our CCTV systems alow you to view your CCTV cameras remotely.
It is now so easy to view your CCTV cameras anywhere in the world using your PC, laptop or, even handier, your smartphone, including iPhone, Android, Windows Mobile and Symbian Nokia.
  View CCTV Cameras on your Computer - Anywhere
  Quickly and easily view CCTV Fotage on your Smartphone
  Playback CCTV events remotely
We Provide CCTV maintenance in Kildare.
Is your CCTV system behaving badly? We can clean your cameras, tidy up your recoder and replace old CCTV cameras, cables and power supplies.
 Outdoor CCTV cameras need to be cleaned
Cables can deteriorate over time
Older Power supplies can fail or overheat
 Older cameras just don't provide you with a clear picture
We provide low cost CCTV maintenance
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