About Us

Based in Allenwood, County Kildare, we have been selling CCTV and IT security systems for over 20 years. Our background is in IT, radio-engineering and electronics. We really know our stuff.

We firmly believe in looking after our customers and giving them as much time and information over the phone and by email that they need to make the right decision when purchasing CCTV products. We know it’s complicated, we’ll try and give as much impartial and accurate information as we possibly can.

Our Reputation

We like helping people, it’s a huge part of who we are. We get huge satisfaction when our customers tell us how happy they are with their CCTV system and how helpful they found us. Quite often they tell us the system is much better than they ever imagined. Many of our customers come back time and time again to buy from us, and recommend us to family and friends.

Our Youtube

On our YouTube channel, we post tutorials to help people operate their CCTV equipment correctly.